Friday, August 19, 2011

The week's exploits

I'm running wild this week. So many projects I want to start and so many plans I want to make. This is the time known as the upswing. I. Go. Crazy.
I started out by planning a few things to work on this week, napkins and art room curtains. Good, reasonable goal, yes? Cut out the curtains, gotta wait to sew them up as I can no longer do loud projects at work (Boo). Bought the white linen for the eight napkins (White linen napkins! How snotty am I?) and cut them out,

sewed a few by hand, next week I'll finish them and add embroidery. Plenty to do, that's been a lot more than I have accomplished in quite some time.
Mid week however, I find a Craiglist jackpot. A full size mattress, bed springs, headboard/footboard frame all for 25 bucks! WHAT?! Yes please. The deal also optioned a nightstand for another 10 bucks and I picked that up for my cousin. Felt like Hewoman for hauling it all myself.

Today I just couldn't let it sit any longer and I got to work on the head board. Picked up 2 inch high density foam and used the velvet upholstery fabric I had left over from the chair I redid. Attacked it all with a staple gun and voila! A lovely headboard that's a little lumpy, yes, but it'll grow into it's shape.

Finished hanging things in the guest room, tidied it up as best I could with my vacuum being broken and all, and there we have it! My cats haven't left it alone since I put sheets and such on the bed. Of course.
So...I have no idea what to do with myself for the rest of the weekend...stay tuned...we'll find out together.

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