Sunday, February 13, 2011

The week in review

The almond trees are beginning to flower and it's beautiful. Of course the photo I took shows no flowers at all but I liked this one better.

I completed nothing this week I'm afraid. I did work on some bits and pieces of a craft exchange I am participating in, but I can't even show you what they are! Bummer for me as it leaves me with no pictures to show of what I've been up to.

So what I'll have to do is a repeat of a few weeks ago, I'll tell you of my plans for the week!
First up is those dang puppets. I love them and I think they'll turn out great but I keep dragging my heels on them and I'm running out of time. Not that the gentlemen I send them to are demanding them, but I have been working on these puppets for almost a year and they need to be finished and sent away. I don't wanna look at their faces anymore!

Second, I am working on more craft exchange bits and pieces and...
This is all I can show you right now
It should be good.

Thirdly and fouthly, I have simple things to churn out, like my curtains for my art room.

They will look so good in there, I'm just hemming and making a simple tube for the rod and I'm done! Easy as puddin'!
This is the guy I want to work on next, he's a biker/beatnik dude with a goatee and Elvis hair. I hope I can finish these current ones so I can start on him!

That's all I have for now, I am hoping to have more to share by the middle of the week. We'll see how the puppets are doing by then.

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