Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend of Getting Things Done.

This was an out of character weekend for me, I must admit. Especially as I have not been feeling too hot the last couple weeks. I take advantage of these high points though, I was incredibly busy.

Friday I ran errands. First I picked up a really interesting book on lifelike polymer clay figures as a early birthday present from my cousins (Thanks Cathy!) and I have gotten all sorts of excited to start some new sculptures, so that may be the intermingled project with the puppets. I picked up the main fabric for one of my craft exchanges, and I think it'll turn out nice and I can use the prototype for my own use...maybe...I'm not real big on prototypes...I'm not patient enough.

Saturday, a friend who writes a blog on playwriting and I wagered each other to get a big push of work done in three hours, he was to write ten pages of dialogue, I was to clear my guest room of overflow art supplies. Deadlines are good things. I organized my art room to accommodate all my stuff and while it's cramped, it's not chaotic like it normally is. Going through boxes and boxes of puppet bits, fabric, paint, pencils, papers, canvases, and random nonsense, was enlightening. 
I have a lot of crap.
Lots and lots of detritus. bits and bobbles washed up on the shore of Al's life. So many ideas of what to do with it all, and a little knowledge that I have not the time for everything.

I spent some time rooting around in my jungle of a garden, pulling weeds and thinking about where to put things. Tomatoes (at least the ones I had last year) are banned. Stupid things ate my whole garden up! I do hope to put in plenty of Edamame, and pickling cukes, spread my carpet of strawberry plants out a little so they can breath, and try a few new melons out along with a loofah plant or two.

Sunday I tackled a project that I am so pleased with. Of course I'm still having a hard time remembering to take the "before" picture, but I am sure you have all seen this type of chair and how ugly it can look. The one I found at a thrift store was tan with chocolate brown cushions. Pukey pukey 70's colors.
I took apart the cushions from the frame and spray painted the frame with an aquamarine and topped it with a lacquer coating.
Painted the plastic armrests a dark gray.

Covered the brown cushions with upholstery fabric I had saved from a failed couch experiment.
Took the majority of the day waiting for paint to dry, but six p.m. and it's done! it'll look perfect in my art room.

I also started to hack down an useless almond tree in my yard but I've only got a hatchet and a rusty saw so I'm not getting very far.
Speaking of DIY projects, my dad sent me this beautiful tea drawer for my birthday.
Like all the handmade works he has made for me, it has his brand on it. Thank you, it's lovely.

Well, here comes a new week and I have a lot of options on what to do, but I really want to finish the set of puppets and get started on a few of my craft exchanges. Wish me luck.

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