Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Week of Pictures

I have figured out a bit of what's been holding me back on my craft exchange projects. I have been having ridiculous anxiety about these things and it doesn't make a lot of sense. I want to make these gifts and I like stretching my imagination but I have just been tied up in knots worrying about finishing by the end of the month! I now believe I have set others' expectations of me too high. I doubt people are expecting me to send off handknit sweaters and purses with pockets and zippers and bobbles. I need to dial back my neurosis and go back to the original plan. Small, interesting, and handmade with love. So I'm going back to the drawing board! No elaborate lunch bags that were going to look too feminine anyway, no quilting (as I stink at it), and no working harder on them than I am on my puppets. That's my new rule, my puppets have to come first as they have a lot of problems.
More on puppets later this week but for now here's my week in pictures:
Sewing the mouth onto the puppet


Heads and bodies of two more

Hi there! 

I worked on the puppets this week, finished up a little girl puppet that isn't too fantastic, but is fairly cute and made the bodies of two more. This week I doubt I'll get to them, but next week is for the puppets.
A project in the works (on a sketch)

Finished project: Fabric Crane hair clips
Almond blossoms

Milk! (I don't know why, just felt like taking the picture)

Drank gallons of tea this weekend
I declare this upcoming week Cookie Week! I have to bake a bunch of cookies every once in awhile to cleanse my soul...or something. Anyway, I like baking cookies so I'm planning 5 or 6 different kinds for the week. Should be fun.
I also made bread today. Check out the pics
The autolyse (pre-rise)

First proof/ rise

Second proof


Yum. Honey Bran Whole Wheat bread.


  1. and the bread was so delicious--thanks so much. . .i didn't get to see you after we had to leave early.