Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh crap. It's been a week.

I don't mean to be cranky about it, but it has been a week since I posted. I don't want this to be something I dread writing, I really do like the process. I have done very little in the way of crafting and the one canning project I did at work...I forgot my camera of course.'s it going?

Really, as I accomplished very little this week, I will change tactics.
I'll photograph all my upcoming projects for the week!
My work situation for the next two weeks is new and unfamiliar so I am unsure what I can do while there, but I should be able to get in some quality time before I head there at midnight. Blegh. Midnight to eight shifts sound awful. Just awful.
First up: Reusable produce bags!
These three yards should make at least six to eight produce bags so I don't have to use so many plastic ones week after week. The mesh is light enough to not add any significant weight to the scale and I should make them deep so I can knot the top of the bags.

Number two!
A puppet tie!
Self explanatory. I need a tie for my current puppet so I need to sew one up...hopefully I can find someone to teach me how to tie it once it's done.

Numero tres:
Citrus jam and more canned mandarins

Number four:
Start coworker's Spit-up cloths
The fabric is ADORABLE! They will have plain white flannel backing to help stick to the shoulder and...well...swab up spit-up.

That's it for the week, I might work on this:
A leftover body I might use for the puppet.

But I might not get around to it, The costume and head covering needs to come first, I might not even use a padded body at all.

So that'll be my week! I'll do more posting as I complete each project.
Have a fantastic week!

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